I'm Jonas Soto, and my passion for sharing my father's art with the world led me to found the Piet Van Gallery.

Growing up, I had the privilege of witnessing my father's artistic journey firsthand, experiencing the dedication and passion he poured into each project. While it was truly inspiring to witness his talent unfold, it was also disheartening to see the challenges he faced in making a sustainable living as an artist, navigating the complexities of gallery representation and struggling to secure opportunities with museums.

This experience encouraged me to reassess the traditional workings of the art industry. Instead of adhering to the conventional model of selling art at high prices through galleries, I began to explore ways to make my father's art more accessible to a wider audience. I envisioned a platform where he could share his creations directly with enthusiasts and bypass the limitations imposed by galleries, while also providing a supportive environment for his future endeavors.

Today, we offer limited edition reproductions of my father's original pencil drawings for sale. It's my aim to provide as much value as possible to the customer, ensuring each piece is created with love. My ultimate goal is not just to sell art, but to provide a meaningful experience for those who appreciate and support my father's work. I want each person who acquires one of his pieces to feel as though they've obtained a precious treasure—a piece of art that speaks to them.

For more information about my father's art and his journey, please visit his personal website www.pietvan.com