The Arthouse is the culmination of an extraordinary project, where Piet Van's latest art collection, "Put It In A Golden Bag," transforms a meticulously renovated church near the French/Belgium border in Bon-Secours. This remarkable endeavor creates a truly unique environment and an unforgettable experience. The awe-inspiring setup revolves around a majestic 7-meter-tall narwhal adorned in resplendent gold, gracefully suspended above a specially designed marble dinner table. Within this breathtaking setting, a captivating combination of paintings and sculptures, all created within the same evocative theme, come together to form an enchanting and mesmerizing ensemble.

Uncover the artist

Immerse yourself in the captivating world of Piet Van as you gain exclusive access to his personal workspace, where the artist passionately paints and draws, offering an intimate glimpse behind the scenes of his creative process. The meticulously renovated church further enhances the experience with its three inviting bedrooms, providing visitors and patrons with the opportunity to extend their stay, explore the surrounding area, and embark on a unique journey into Piet Van's artistic realm. It's an exceptional opportunity to delve into his kunstwereld (art world) firsthand, fostering a deeper connection and appreciation for his remarkable talent.

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